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to students but to young americans of any age. we are dealing with a very high cost of education. i have a good field but many college students are broke. trying to pay back the high cost of education, living and regulations by the obama administration and now going to put obama care on the tabs? we can't afford it and crushing our generation. >> sal, you are going to be a dentist. when you are 28, will you buy your own insurance? if your employer doesn't give it to you. >> i will. >> what about your friends? what are they saying? >> yes. a lot of my friends, they don't know what to do. some of their parents have gotten dropped from their insurance and they were counting on the mandate to stay on their insurance until they were 26. now that their parents don't have insurance, they have to buy. under obama care -- >> do they feel they need health care? >> some of them do. it's mainly for a rainy day like the catastrophe plans and type of regulations for the high-cost plans they don't need is too expensive for them. >> vicki, you shocked me yesterday. yesterday i was talking to you. you we
up my energy. but one thing would get a staffer or education head on the spot and that's not informing me of a problem. everyone can know what's going on. if i know everything going on not enough is going on. if there is a problem, break down, failure, or looming disaster, that had better be delivered to me faster than president obama can get to the golf course. look, this president outsourced much of the functions of government and the responsibility. if he can't or won't do the job of president, then maybe he could outsource to someone that can and who would do it. and mr. president, i am available. >> well, we heard of a myriad of problems with the website to sign up for obama care, but here is another embarrassing one. several small businesses were listed as places where there can be navigators that can provide assistance to those looking to enroll. the problem is these businesses have nothing to do with obama care. we went to talk to some of these stores to find out about what happened. >> we're on location at brooklyn cup cake where people looking for assistance w
and residency and you are years and years and years in an education process and get your medical license, i can't imagine it is so frustrating that you say i can't keep doing it. what was the breaking point for you? >> the breaking point for me is what they are talking about. i am a primary care drchlt i had 15 minute slots for appointments. i couldn't keep a viable business and i cut it to ten minute slots and i still couldn't make end's meet. the way i was trained i have to spend time with my patients and know them as a person because their personal life impacts their health and sense of wellness and in order for me to take good care of them the way i was trained i needed more time. i couldn't get more time because i would go out of business. instead of waiting to go out of business. i can figure out something else to do. >> i will ask each of you to tell me the percentage of time you spend treating patients verus bureaucracy and paper wosh and administrative side of medicine. what is the break down. >> i am spending more time since the affordable care act as of october, we started to become
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)